Unlimited Data

We all know how much you dislike data caps, so we do not have any! You pay for the amount of speed you desire! Whether you're a basic web-browser and like to visit with others via Facebook, or you're a hardcore gamer and stream Netflix or Hulu, we have a package that will suit your needs!

Locally Owned

Being locally owned and operated goes a long way. We know each customer personally, and we care about our customers. Our customers are not "Customer Numbers", and because we also use the service at our Office and homes, we have the highest expectations of the service we provide to you!

No Bundles

No one wants to look at their bill and wonder what the Internet-portion of it actually costs, and why if you un-bundle services are you paying more for less?! We provide a reliable, high-speed wireless connection to your Home or Business, requiring no phone lines!


Wireless Internet Services, Inc. was formed in early 1997 to provide high speed wireless Internet access to the rural areas in Tulare County. Shortly thereafter, the company was contacted by several dialup ISP's around the country that were looking at migrating to wireless in their areas. Wireless Internet Services, Inc. quickly became a wireless design and consulting company to meet the needs of these ISP's. Since late 1997, Wireless Internet Services, Inc. has designed and installed reliable wireless networks for startup wireless companies in many states around the country ranging from Florida in the east, Texas in the south, Utah in the north, and California in the west. It also designed and installed the first of its kind wireless network in Warsaw, Poland in 1998 for GlobalOne.

WIS 25*


Best choice
  • Up to 25.0Mbps Download
  • Up to 5.0Mbps Upload
  • Web Browsing & E-Mail
  • Online Videos
  • High-Definition Streaming
  • Frequent Gaming
  • Great for Large Families
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*These plans are available in select locations, please contact us to see if your address qualifies!



  • Up to 5.0Mbps Download
  • Up to 1.0Mbps Upload
  • Web Browsing & E-Mail
  • Online Videos
  • Basic Video Streaming
  • Basic Gaming
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  • Up to 7.0Mbps Download
  • Up to 2.0Mbps Upload
  • Web Browsing & E-Mail
  • Online Videos
  • High Quality Streaming
  • Occasional Gaming
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WIS 10


  • Up to 10.0Mbps Download
  • Up to 3.0Mbps Upload
  • Web Browsing & E-Mail
  • Online Videos
  • High-Definition Streaming
  • Frequent Gaming
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Business Plans


  • Plans up to to 1Gbps Download
  • Plans up to 1Gbps Upload
  • Small and Large Business Plans
  • From 1-100+ Users
  • VPN and Terminal Services
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Traffic Prioritization
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have never had data caps, and do not plan to! We dislike being limited as to how much you can download as much as you do! Just pick a plan that best fits your needs, and enjoy what the web has to offer without being confined to a strict data transfer limit!
Fortunately, no. While they both utilize wireless technologies, our wireless signal never leaves the Earth, so you can expect low latency (ping), high speeds, and no data transfer limitations that plague satellite Internet services.
We install an antenna and radio on your roof that is directed at our nearest access point radio. We then run an outdoor UV-Resistant network cable from the radio on the roof down through an exterior wall of the house. The end of the cable we run into the house then plugs into a small power injector. This box provides power to our integrated unit on the roof, and is also where you will connect a computer or router.
Our current installation promotion is $99 with a 2-Year Commitment and $199 with a 1-Year Commitment. We require this fee, along with the first month's service in advance at installation. Splitting up the installation fee over multiple payments is no problem, just let us know when we schedule your installation appointment!
Unfortunately, due to FCC regulations on Wireless Internet Service Providers like us, we are confined to lower radiated power limitations and require line-of-sight to one of our Access Points within range of your home or business. Trees, buildings, and other obstacles block or degrade this signal and may make servicing your particular location impossible.
We hope you'll pick us not only because we're a local, family-owned and operated business, but because we truly do try our best to provide the service to our customers. We feel the Internet really has turned into a primary source of entertainment with all of the new content available today online! With our proprietary traffic shaping software, we are able to equalize and prioritize bandwidth per user so everyone has a great surfing experience!
To share your Internet connection with other devices inside your home or business via wireless you will need what's called a wireless router. This device plugs into our power injector and broadcasts a wireless signal that your wireless devices can then connect to. Most quality routers in the $80-200 range are suitable for almost every application and can be found at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, or Office Depot.

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